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  • +Our collar won't choke you out, but you won't feel like a deep V guy either. Just a comfortable collar that fits right.
  • +Our philosophy is simple. We'll never send a shirt that we wouldn't wear ourselves. Our designs are elegant and simple. We don't follow trends or tacky themes. Just classy designs that can be worn under a suit jacket or working out at the gym.
  • +Our shirts are fitted, but 'not in a show every donut you've ever eaten' kind of way. More like a well fitting suit; not too tight, not too loose.
  • +Our sleeves fit close to the arm with just enough room for you to move freely.

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wohven graphic t shirt with wave design

Graphic T-Shirt

We send you one of our premium quality tees every month with a new graphic designed by one of our talented artists.

wohven charcoal blank t-shirt

Blank T-Shirt

We send you our premium quality tee every month in the color of your choice. Switch colors whenever you want.

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