How to Wear Wohven Graphic T-Shirts

How to Wear Wohven Graphic T-Shirts

Wohven graphic t-shirts are kind of like a super fashionable duct tape, in that they can be used in almost any setting. Going to watch a football game? Throw on some Wohven. Going on a date? We’ve got you. Going business casual? We can help with that. Going to your wedding … that we probably can’t help you with, but please send us photo documentation if you try.

That being said, here are some of our favorite ways to get the most out of your graphic t-shirt subscription.

Bomber Jacket

Wohven graphic t-shirt with bomber jacket

Bomber jackets first emerged on the scene as the uniform for bomber pilots in World War 1, but have since become a staple of men’s fashion. The best part of a classic bomber jacket is the flexibility. You can dress it up with a button up shirt or roll with a Wohven tee for a more casual look. It also allows you to pretend you’re Maverick from Top Gun. Start practicing that high-five now.

Sweatshirt and Jacket Combo

Jacket with Wohven T-Shirt and boots

Just like the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming, which means the sweatshirt and jacket look is about to be very seasonally appropriate. Jackets that have a textured look to them, like in the pic above, contrast nicely with a Wohven shirt. Find a stylish pair of lace up boots like seen above, and you’re all set.

Flannel Shirt

Wohven graphic t-shirt with flannel shirt

This is a classic go-to, both stylish and casual at the same time. Because Wohven’s tees have a minimalist style, our designs don’t clash with a typical flannel pattern. The more subtle the color matching, the better.

Denim Jacket

wohven graphic t-shirt with denim jacket

While some would argue it never left, no one is arguing that the denim jacket is very much IN right now, which is good news because denim jackets are about as low-maintenance as it gets. The difference in texture, weight, and material between denim and the right-colored Wohven graphic tee really pops, and is as low-maintenance. The look goes great with a pair of Converse style shoes or when dressed up with boots.


Wohven graphic t-shirt with chinos

Did you know chinos are a pant style that came from American soldiers returning from the Spanish American War? That’s right, when you wear chinos you are basically Ernest Hemingway, having conversations only in the tersest of prose. A t-shirt and jeans are a classic look, but chinos bring just a touch of classy to an otherwise casual vibe that fits with nearly any environment.

That being said, don’t overthink it! Wohven’s artists create killer designs that stand on their own. And in that sense our graphic t-shirts are way better than duct tape.

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