New Site, Who Dis?

Hello there, if there are two things we know about you, it’s that:

1) you love stylish, high-quality clothing, and
2) you have a keen eye for detail, which is why you have undoubtedly already noticed that our website has a new look.

We want our site to be just like our shirts: stylish, minimalist, and easy to access. Just follow these quick steps - it’ll only take about 5 minutes of your time - and you’ll be on your way to being the sartorial envy of literally everyone who sees you. We promise.

Click the “Shop Subscriptions” Button

This is the black, square button on our main page. You probably saw it already. That was intentional. Go ahead and click it. We’ll wait.

Choose Your Subscription

Do you prefer a shirt with/without a design? Do you rock “the v”? Maybe you need socks or underwear? Or maybe you want to make it rain and order them all. You do you.

Pick Your Size, Then Add to Cart

Not all sizes are created equal, so we’ve provided you with a fit guide to help. We’re helpful like that. Check it out, pick your size, then click “add to cart.”  

Head to Checkout

Hit the checkout button, and then sign in to your Wohven account. Don’t have a Wohven account? Go ahead and create one now. You’ll use this account to manage your subscriptions from now on.

Put in Your Payment Information

You are a sophisticated person. You have bought things on the Internet. You know the drill. We will now avert our eyes while you enter your info.  

Add or Remove a Subscription

Rethinking your decision to receive 15 shirts a month? Suddenly realizing some new socks could tie your ensemble together? No problem. Simply sign in, and add or remove subscriptions from your cart any time.

Sit and Stare at Your Door, Waiting for Your Product to Arrive

Don’t do that. Instead, go live your life. Check things off your bucket list, be a titan of industry, watch five hours of Netflix, etc. Your clothes are on their way.


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