How to Remove 5 Common T-Shirt Stains

How to Remove 5 Common T-Shirt Stains

We all love a good shirt: graphic shirts, blanks, long sleeves. Shirts are a fast way to show personality while keeping it simple. So to keep the shirts we love all from looking like vintage thrift store shirts (unless that’s your thing), follow these tips in getting out the top five most common stains.


We know the pride and joy that comes from working on a car; fixing a powerful machine with your hands and tools. Some guys work on cars as a hobby, vocation, or a cost-saving function, but whatever the reason, you will inevitably get grease and oil on your clothing.

Clean it: The best bet is a high-quality dishwashing liquid, like Dawn. First, rinse in cold water, then rub the dishwashing liquid into the stain, let sit for 10 minutes, and (without rinsing) toss in the laundry.

Armpits Stains

 You’re a man, a dad, who does things: sporty things, demanding things, hard-working things, running-around things - things that make you sweat a lot. When left unattended, armpit stains and sweaty collars can ruin a shirt, so, even though Wohven shirts may be your favorite, you must remember to wash them after a couple of wears.

Clean it: Wash on the highest setting for the garment with detergent. If the stain is severe, soak first in warm water with an enzyme cleaner, and then wash. You can use bleach on whites only, if necessary.


 Let’s face it; the average guy runs on fumes and caffeine, so you’re probably consuming coffee for a good portion of the day. It doesn’t matter if you’re balancing rush-hour traffic with a latte or at a home-office with kids and dogs interrupting you; there’s always the impending doom of a large coffee stain.

Clean it: Soak with cold to lukewarm water, then gently work in detergent, let sit for about 10 minutes, and wash (without rinsing first) as usual. Diluted vinegar solutions also work as a pretreatment.



It’s the weekend and guess what that means? Parties, relaxation, getting to that book that makes you look smart on a zoom call - nope. Weekends are for yard work. And we’re used to seeing our dads in homely tattered wears looking while cutting the grass, but you’re a new man, and you want to mow your lawn in something other than an old high school P.E. shirt. So, when your clothes get grass stains on them, you’ll definitely want to clean them.

Clean it: Use detergent with a stain treater and cover the stain completely, gently rub the material together, and then wash without rinsing the treatment. You may retreat and rewash if necessary.


Yes! After a week of work, running around, your honey-do list, and cutting grass, you’ll want to end your week on a high note with a nice glass, or three, of wine. After the second glass, you may cheers a little harder than expected, causing a mess on your shirt and those cabernet stains are no joke.

removing wine stains

Clean it: Soak immediately in warm water. Salt the stained area and let it stand for several minutes. Then, rinse with water, apply detergent, and lay face down on paper towels. Last, rinse the detergent and wash as usual.

We know you have a lot going, and things will happen to stain your clothing; there’s no getting out of that. And even if you receive our awesome graphic t-shirts monthly, we want them to last. That’s how you build a nice wardrobe. So, use these tips to ensure your Wohven shirts last and look great many months later.

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