Cloth Face Masks - 3 Pack

Product Details
  • 3-Pack (actual colors & designs shown)
  • Soft blend of cotton and Nano-Copper antibacterial fiber
  • 2 layers of fabric with an area for inserting an additional filter of your choice
  • Machine washable and reusable

Wohven does not imply this product will prevent infections or transmissions of viruses or diseases. This mask is not a substitute for a medical device or product. Consult your doctor regarding questions concerning medical matters.

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Perfect Collar

Whether crew or v-neck, our collar won't choke you out or leave you feeling too exposed. Just a comfortable collar that fits right.


No Sleeve Wings

Our sleeves fit close to the arm, with just enough room to keep you moving freely.


Ideal Fit

Our shirts are fitted, but not in a 'show every donut you ever ate' kind of way. More like a fitted suit; follows your shape, but leaves you room to breathe.

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